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Hollywood Undead

New album and new masks

California rap group Hollywood Undead March 1, 2018 will perform at the club Sentrum.

Over the years of their career, they hid behind gas masks and hockey masks. Their lavas could be envied by Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson, but as hard as they do, no one else can. At the very beginning of March Hollywood Undead will return to Kiev to present the new Longplay Five - the most honest record in its discography.
The new album cycle for the band began in the summer of 2017. On July 24, the team presented a video for the single California Dreaming, which will enter their fifth long clip. According to the member of the group, Jorel Dekker, the first track is an old good old school, which is given a new form. Fully Five from Hollywood Undead will hear the world on October 27, 2017.
"There are five brothers in the group, and this is our fifth record. Nothing for us has more weight than this figure. In numerology, strength. It's also a kind of trackback to track No. 5 of the first album. The five "hints" at our secret community of fans who support us from the very beginning. This is a significant figure for us ", - Hollywood Undead participant, Jorel Dekker (J-Dog).
In their music, Hollywood Undead skillfully combines hip-hop, rock, industrial and metal. Beginning his career in 2005, the band released four albums for which they won hot positions on the Billboard. What's important is that they remain honest in their music. As proof of when MySpace Records began to make their corrections in the record, the guys just said goodbye to the company.
After the release of the debut Swan Songs (2008), having won their place under the LA sun, they confidently began to move on, higher. The second release of the rappers' American Tragedy (2011) becomes gold and rises to the fourth stage of the Billboard Top 200. And thanks to its next LP Notes From The Underground (2013), the band is already at the second mark of the album's main album rating.
2015 Hollywood Undead blast Spotify title track from Day of the Dead (2015), more than 21 million plays. The band toured together with Sevenfold, Korn and Stone Sour. Billboard, Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, Revolver are scattered with eulogistic reviews.
The new release of Hollywood Undead is 14 stories about rich and nizchebrodnoy California, about the personal experiences of the group. Along with the musicians, Dan Lancaster from Bring Me The Horizon and longtime colleagues Griffin Boyce and Sean Gould worked on the album. For the first time to hear the live Five in Ukraine, and at the same time the best of the Hollywood Undead discography will be on March 1, 2018 in Sentrum.
Hollywood Undead, Kiev
Sentrum, Shota Rustaveli 11
1 March 2018

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