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Accreditation for Hollywood Undead

Accreditation for Thirty Seconds to Mars

Accreditation for Deep Purple

Terms of accreditation

1. Dear, guest if you want to get accreditation you must fill special form below
2. Accreditation is carried out on the basis of a detailed announcement. Publication information (number, date of release) or ether specified in the application for accreditation. If you submit a web portal, or announcement duplicated in the online version of your publication, please send the link to the announcement.
- TV: crew - 2 people
- Magazines: journalist - 1 person;
- Internet - only with a detailed announcement and with attendance at least 5 thousand unique users per day - 1 person;
- radio station, news agency - one person.

3. Accreditation is closed in 2 weeks before concert.

4. All the information for accreditation according to a written reply to the request. Conditions for accreditation may be adjusted depending on the site and the scale of the event.
5. Typically, the photographer does not grant accreditation to the concerts. Press photos will be sent to the press service of the day or the day after the concert.
If your letter is not answered, please call us in advance to find out the status of accreditation.
We hope for your understanding!


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Questionnaire for Accreditation
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