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On Friday, November 16, legendary rock musician Garik Sukachev, a group of "Untouchables", made a memorable "Autumn Concert" for the Ukrainian public in ND "Ukraine". The whole room was in awe of energy musicians who played and danced with full dedication!


Naturally, the audience did not leave indifferent and memorized before each letter hit "I gait." Somewhere in the middle of the concert, Garik Sukachev sang a song dedicated to the death of the son of a friend. During his speech, the singer repeatedly requested that the hall light to see the audience.
In the second more fun and whimsical part of the performance of the Russian artist, when the stage read "Give me to drink water," "can not be turned back," and, of course, the sensational "My grandmother smoked a pipe," Hall came together, does danced in the rows and directly in front of the stage. Sukachev at this time smoking on stage, jumping and dancing.
After the speech Sukachev and "The Untouchables" grateful audience did not want to let go of the musicians on the stage with a standing ovation, and they love to, performed at the "encore". After the speech, said Garik vitalising the phrase "Love wins" and left the stage.