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Hardly the ninth hour - in the hall lights went out and Billy Talent took the stage and started with a kind of intro «Lonely Road To Absolution». Ben with Ian singing, and whole room repeating. The multitude anticipating what awaits them. From that moment began a half hour, which flew like a flash.





Looked around, and the hall is almost clogged. As for some fifteen minutes passed over this crowd - it is difficult to imagine. But these thoughts immediately vanished, because light flashed and rushed downhole «Viking Death March». The Ukrainian flag hanged on the stage, carefully painted by Ukrainian fans. Kowalewicz shouted «Kieeeeeeev!» And the crowd was buried in his own joyous shout, did not spare himself, people pressed each other with fierce pleasure.

Ben Hall did for the same thing, talked, joked ("We were traveling from Moscow to Kiev by train, it was terrible"), trying on a bra thrown on stage, balcony condemned for what they are there, they say, sat down, and the present rock fans knead each other's fan zone. In general, the public would start as I could, even though to do so he would have sufficed downbeat. 

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