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There were no use in supporting band! From the first song "Captain Voronin" Crystal Hall held his breath to the last chord barrage of applause greeting favorite band.



Boris himself was a very bright and open, smiling happily and gave kind words to audience. The hall once reigned the mood. On the second track from the soul musicians lit by the "Back to Archangel" - from the power of music and the accuracy of the words trembled and rejoiced all inside. The fire ignited a stronger drums Oleg Shavkunova According BG, "sex symbol of Russian symphonic music."
And then, as they say, rushed. The first part of the concert was filled with songs from the recent, but already beloved album ("Archangel", September 2011). Audience sang most of the songs, beat out the rhythm. Exit of Brian Finnegan tore applause, and their instrumental with flute and violin starring touched me to tears - with tenderness of the force of divine music.

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