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Rules for concert visit


The right of passage for concert event:
  • Entrance to the concert is by ticket only, and invitations that are approved by the organizers of the event.
  • Purchased tickets to return and / or exchange can not be, except for the cancellation
  • By purchasing a ticket, you agree to the rules set by the organizers.
  • The ticket is valid for one person, regardless of age.
  • Ticket holder must take place in accordance with the purchased ticket.
  • After buying the ticket, follow the information about the concert in the event of changes concerning the meeting (to postpone the date and / or time of the event, to cancel or change events, etc.).
  • Booking agency reserves the right to change the program of activities.
  • Organizer of the concert and the administration concert stage is not responsible for the fake tickets.
  • The ticket must be maintained until the end of the event and produce it on demand the administration area, the organizer or the security services.

The rules for finding the concert:
  • Concert stage door open 2 hours before the concert.
  • Seen live events for children up to 7 years - not recommended! Persons under 16 may attend the concert only if accompanied by adults.
  • Ticket holder may be refused the right to visit the event in case of violation of the rules of this Regulation.
  • To avoid stressful situations before the concert and to save your time while passing ticket control and personal inspection by security users, come to the concert area early. For your safety and the safety of others, follow the instructions of security and help in the implementation of safety measures when visiting the show.
  • Visitors are drunk or on drugs will be denied access to the concert without compensation to the ticket price.
  • The organizers or security of any form of roughness and vandalism.
It is strictly forbidden to carry the event:
- Weapons (including cold, gas and gas cartridges)
- Drugs and devices for their use, cigarettes.
- Fragile and pointed objects
- All kinds of pyrotechnics
- Any liquid, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, perfumes, the package is not more than 30ml.
- Food
- Photo and video equipment, and audio equipment for recording.
All of these items will be withdrawn by the security at the entrance to the concert area. Visit to a concert is a risk that the owner takes on the ticket.


  • Visitors who violate the rules or do not comply with the requirements of officials, will be removed from the concert hall without compensation fare.
  • Organizers of the concert stage and the administration is not responsible for lost while on a concert paraphernalia visitors.
  • In the foyer of the concert hall will offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cold snacks. Sale of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products are not persons under the age of 18.
  • On the location of wardrobes, bars, toilets, losing things, and other matters relating to the location on the site, contact the administrator of the concert stage.
  • In the foyer of the concert hall will be selling licensed products artists (music production and merchandising). Beware of purchasing counterfeit products outside the concert venue.
  • In connection with the implementation of heightened public safety the concert may be delayed.
  • Visitors who miss the event, may be admitted only at intermission or technical pause during the event. If there is no such place in the concert hall can not be guaranteed.
  • Customers carrying out during the show jumping in the crowd from the stage, and those who violate the established order and are not subject to the requirements of officials are not allowed at the event, or are removed from the concert hall without compensation to the ticket price.
  • In addition to the above rules visit concerts visitors must follow the rules of visiting the concert stage, on which the.
  • At sites where there are several types of zones (ground floor - balcony, fan-zone - sector, etc.) moving between zones is prohibited.


Ticket must contain the following information:
  • Name and type of services (activities) - the time of the service (the event) - the place of the event, and place the viewer in the audience.


Return tickets:
  • Purchased tickets be refunded only in the event of cancellation or postponement of the event - a 10-day period, and in the case of replacement of the event - before the event.
  • When you transfer the event - within 15 days of the official notification of the postponement of the event, but no later than two days before the start of the transferred activities
  • If you cancel the event - after the official notification of cancellation of the event by the date indicated on the ticket. If this day is the weekend, then that day will be the first business day following the holiday
  • In all cases, tickets are accepted on the basis of the buyer and a passport
  • Spoiled the physical ticket exchange and is not refundable, lost tickets can not be restored.
  • The administration of the concert agency "Mill" is not responsible for fake tickets and tickets purchased from third parties.


Rules wardrobe:
  • Wardrobe starts 2 hours before officially announced the start of the event.
  • Adoption of things on the issue of custody certified numbered token for coats and hats.
  • The employee receives a wardrobe for storage coats, hats, and bears responsibility for the loss, shortage or damage of items taken
  • Deposition does not take the money, valuables, keys, cell phones and handbags, as well as food.
  • In case of loss of license token person who passed the thing for storage, the return of things can only be made after the end of the wardrobe, in the presence of an identity document, in the presence of security agencies.
  • Worker's wardrobe is not without the consent of the person who has passed the thing for storage, to use these items or provide the ability to use them to others, except when it is connected with the need to ensure the safety of things.
  • Things forgotten in the locker room and not demanded by the audience after the show, subject to inspection by security officers institution.


  • Handed over to the wardrobe gas cylinders, flammable and explosive materials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, as well as heavy items and heavy bags.
  • Transfer the license tokens to third parties.
  • Deposit things if they have an untidy appearance (smeared with mud, fuel oil, paint, etc.).
  • Include outsiders in the cloakroom.
In case of violation of these rules for the safety of things left unattended, the administration of the concert stage and concert agency "Mill" is not responsible. Information for people with disabilities! For a comfortable passage to our shows at the Palace of Sports, use the first entrance on the right. To prevent problems, we ask you in advance (at least 2 days), contact us at  (044) 360-16-16. Our representative will meet you at the entrance to the Palace of Sports and hold the place, according to the ticket! See you at our concerts!

Ladies and gentlemen! Concert agency "Mill" looks forward to your visit to a proper understanding of the rules of our concerts related to compliance with heightened security, wishes you a good time and hoped that a concert will be an unforgettable event!