Attendance rules

ATTENTION! By purchasing a ticket you accept the rules established by the organizers. The organizers are not responsible for health and personal belongings of a ticket holder.

Rules for attending the event:

• There is a unique barcode on the ticket which makes it possible to attend an event. After you purchase a ticket don’t give it to any third parties under any circumstances, and don’t post it on the Internet to avoid forgery. The concert organizer and concert venue officials are not responsible for fake tickets. 

• Entry to a concert is possible with a ticket or an invitation approved by the organizers of the event.

• Purchased tickets are refunded only if an event is cancelled. Except for the circumstances outlined in section 11.1. of the public Terms of Use.

• A ticket is valid for one person no matter how old they are.

• A ticket holder is obliged to be placed in accordance with a purchased ticket.

• After a ticket purchase follow the information about the concert in case of changes (date and/or show time delay, cancellation and other changes).

• The concert agency reserves the right to change the programme of the conducted events.

• Tickets must be kept until the end of the event and shown on  the concert venue officials, the organizer and security’s demand.

Rules for attending a concert: 

• Concert venue’s doors are open one hours before a concert.

• It is not recommended for children under 7 to attend concerts.

• People under 16 can only attend a concert accompanied by an adult.

• The ticket holder’s right to attend a concert can be denied in case of disobedience of these rules.

• In order to prevent stressful situations and to save your time at ticket control and security search by security officers, come to the concert venue in advance. For your and others safety follow the instructions of security officers and help implement security measures when attending a concert.

• Those who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will be not allowed to attend an event and will not get a ticket refund. 

• Visitors who disobey the rules or demands of the officials will be removed from the concert hall without a ticket refund.

• Inform the organizer or security officers about any signs of violence and vandalism. 

It is strictly forbidden to take these thing with you to the event:

• weapons (cold and gas weapons, pepper sprays)

• narcotic substances and devices for their use

• easily breakable and sharp objects

• all pyrotechnics

• liquids including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, perfume in a bottle bigger than 30 ml

• food

• video recording equipment

• photography equipment

• any type of sound recording equipment

• selfie sticks

• tablets

• flammable objects

• flashlights

All the outlined objects will be taken away by security officers at the entrance to the concert venue. When attending a concert ticket holders take their own risk. 

The organizers and concert venue officials are not responsible for the loss of visitor’s personal belongings.

Address all the questions regarding cloakrooms, toilets, lost personal belongings and other questions about the venue to the concert venue officials. 

Artists’ licensed products (music products and merchandise) are sold only at a concert venue. Beware of buying unlicensed products outside a concert venue.

As a result of providing increased social security measures the start of a concert can be delayed.

Visitors who are late are allowed to enter only during an intermission or a technical pause during an event. If there are no such things the entry to the venue is not guaranteed. 

Visitors who jump off the stage edge and people who violate the established order and disobey the officials’ demands will be denied access to an event or removed from the concert hall without a ticket refund.

Besides the outlined rules visitors have to follow the rules of a concert venue.

For venues with several areas (parterre - balcony, fan zone - sectors etc) it is forbidden to move to another area.

A ticket must contain the following information:

• Name and type of service (event)

• Time of provision of service (time of event)

• Event location

• Place of a visitor at a hall/type of area

• Price

• Unique barcode

Rules for cloakrooms:

• The cloakroom opens one hours before the official start time of an event.

• When giving your outerwear and hats for safekeeping you will get a token with a number.

• The cloakroom workers take outerwear and hats for safekeeping and are responsible for loss, shortage or damage of the belongings taken in.

• You cannot leave money, things of value, keys, cell phones, handbags and food for safekeeping.

• In case a person who gave items for safekeeping loses a token, belongings can be given back only after the cloakroom finishes work, provided with an I.D and in front of security officers of the facility.

• Cloakroom workers are not allowed to use belongings and to allow other people to use them without the permission of the person who gave them for safekeeping. Unless it is needed to preserve the items.

• Items left at the cloakroom and items discarded by visitors after the concert must be inspected by security personnel.

It is forbidden:

• To leave pepper sprays, flammable and explosive substances and materials, chemicals, drugs and also large-sized items and heavy bags at a cloakroom.

• To give a token with a number to third parties.

• To give untidy items for safekeeping (stained with dirt, fuel oil, paint etc).

• For outsiders to visit the cloakroom.

• In case of violation of the rules, concert venue officials and “Melnitsa” concert agency are not responsible for safety of unattended items.

Information for people with disabilities:

• To prevent difficulties we ask you to contact us via the email in advance (no later than 2 days). Our representative will meet you at the entrance and lead you to the place according to your ticket. 

• For convenient entry to our concerts at Palace of Sports use the first entrance on the right.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our concerts!